About Us


The Shaman Group runs a “Used Cars” facility called Shaman Used Cars Pvt Ltd where it provides customers with tested and certified pre-owned cars. The most important thing at Shaman is that all the transactions are clean, the paper work is clear and the buyer and the seller have a guarantee that the car will be without any shady history.

All cars come with 2 free services and 6 months warranty. There are attractive service schemes available to make the buying experience smoother.

All cars undergo a 140-point checklist and are tested comprehensively in our workshops before delivery.

It has 4 prominent and convenient used car display centers. This includes a new facility that Shaman has set up also at Kalina. It is also developing a unique test track for customers to try the cars in mock up road conditions at the facility itself. The used car division specializes in providing valuation, insurance, finance & refurbishment facilities to its customers.